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Retain a Misdemeanor Attorney in Lincoln, NE

Turn to attorney Kerns when you're facing criminal charges

While misdemeanor crimes carry less severe consequences than felonies, you still shouldn't take them lightly. Douglas L. Kerns, Attorney at Law has been practicing criminal defense law for over a decade in Lincoln, Nebraska. No matter what charge you're facing, attorney Kerns will explain the potential consequences to you and work toward getting your charges reduced or dropped.

Talk to a misdemeanor attorney today to learn how to best handle your case.

Lesser doesn't mean unimportant

Misdemeanors may be considered lesser crimes, but you still need an attorney’s help to navigate your case. As your misdemeanor attorney, Doug will:

  • Analyze your case from every angle
  • Collect all necessary evidence pertaining to your case
  • Pick key witnesses to help support your argument

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