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Being Charged With a Violent Crime Is Life-Changing

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If you've been accused of assault and battery, you're probably worried about the legal process that lies ahead. Is there a chance you could actually go to jail? Even if you don't, how will the charges affect your reputation? Accusations of violent crimes can feel impossible to overcome. Let Douglas L. Kerns, Attorney at Law help you.

Attorney Kerns is a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Lincoln, NE. He will work hard to get you a favorable outcome. Call 402-464-5529 now to schedule a consultation with an assault attorney or battery attorney.

What are the consequences of assault and battery?

You should take accusations of assault and battery seriously. If you're convicted of assault and battery in Lincoln, NE, you could face...

  • Hefty fines
  • Loss of firearm privileges
  • Significant jail time

Protect your freedom and your reputation by hiring a criminal defense attorney. Discuss your charges with assault attorney Kerns today.